The Quick Start Guide to Pelvic Floor Recovery after Childbirth

Ready to start your recovery from pregnancy and childbirth?

Mama, you’ve spent close to a year focusing on nourishing and nurturing your growing babe. In the postpartum phase, it’s time to give some of that love and attention to your own self-care and that includes caring for your pelvic health!

After using this guide, you will gain clarity on:

what the pelvic floor is and what it does for you

which visualizations work best for YOU to properly activate your pelvic floor muscles

when to start pelvic floor and deep core exercises (even if you are still pregnant!)

the optimal number of contractions to do each day (It’s definitely NOT 200/day like we see in Cosmo!)

which muscle is the pelvic floor’s best friend and how to coordinate them for faster recovery (Hint Hint! This muscle also is the most important to start with for diastasis recovery!)

that you have started down the right path to recovering from pregnancy and childbirth!

Learn From an Expert

Dr Jenni Gabelsberg, mom of three, and a pelvic health physical therapist of 26 years, has dedicated her career to assisting women transform their pelvic health challenges into successes. She understands that recovery in the first year postpartum is essential for long term quality of life, and is committed to making an impact on postpartum education in the United States.

Nothing frustrates her more than having moms come to her clinics who have been suffering from urine leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis or pain with sex since childbirth, especially when their kiddos are 10, 17 or even 28 years old! And she is ready to help you!